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Platform Economy is not only the Game of Big Players

Once again, the room is packed as #digitalist gathered in downtown…

Kilpailukyvyn kulmakivet

Suomessa tehty kilpailukykysopimus kannusti kasvattamaan työtuntien määrää. Uskoakseni kuitenkin varsin suuri osa yrityksistä päätti hyödyntää sopimusta ennen kaikkea työtunnin tuottavuutta parantavilla tavoilla. Entä mihin tuottavampien työtuntien salaisuus tiivistyy?

How to set Dynamics 365 related entity fields using quickview forms

You have a form in Dynamics 365 in which you need to show field values from related entity. It is naturally possible to do this by making a request to the Dynamics server side API’s from client side code.

Dynamics 365 IFD ADFS 503 error and how to fix it

Recently we ran into a bit tricky situation with one Dynamics 365 on-premise environment. This Dynamics 365 was configured to use claims-based authentication and IFD.

Multi-entity data migration from Dynamics 365

Recently I ran into a task where I needed to migrate data from Dynamics 365 into SQL Azure DB. Piece of cake, I will just use the SSIS enhanced with the KingswaySoft SSIS toolkit for Dynamics. Well, there was one a bit of a challenge which is due to Dynamics data model for lead entity. So, let me specify the scenario in a bit more detail.

My trip to Joensuu-Jukola with Cloudriven Team

Cloudriven guys asked me to join their Jukola relay team this year. Jukola is an orienteering relay event that happens once a year somewhere in Finland. The place changes every year and it is one of the biggest summer events that there is in Finland. I decided to give this a try.
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