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Dynamics CRM and NAV integration using NAV web services

Recently we implemented a project where Dynamics CRM and Dynamics NAV were integrated. The purpose of this integration was to post customer data from CRM to NAV when a new customer is created in CRM or when an existing customer is updated in CRM. Everything worked smoothly in our testing except the use case of updating customer information from CRM to NAV.

How to implement SSO for ASP.NET MVC application with ADFS

The purpose of this blog post is to give you an overview of our…
Web Api Queries

How to make Dynamics 365 Web API queries using OAuth?

Related to my previous blog post, I thought that I would write a new post about Dynamics 365 (on-premise) Web API, ADFS 3.0 and OAuth. This same applies for Dynamics 365 online as well because the Web API is designed to be used by OAuth when Dynamics 365 is either online or configured to IFD-mode with one exception: in this scenario described in my blog post, I use ADFS 3.0 installed on one of my local Windows Server 2012 R2 boxes.

How to do bulk update to Dynamics 365 data without having unique keys?

Have you ever had a situation where you would need to do one-time update of data in Dynamics CRM from some data source but the data source is in format that the data import wizard in Dynamics CRM is not an option? Well, I have run into this situation several times.

Dynamics 365 on-premise claims-based authentication configuration issue of not recognizing the federation metadata

he other day I was configuring one of our Dynamics 365 on-premise environments for claims-based authentication and IFD when I ran into an issue which I had not seen before. This blog post is about telling you the details about that issue and how to resolve it.

Power BI On Premise Data Gateway

This blog post is about connecting O365-based Power BI service…
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