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  • Barriers to Change

    Change management has been a widely used term for a decade or two. Some think that the term should already be forgotten, because modern work and leadership are constantly in change. The working environment and culture needs to be evaluated and improved all the time in many organizations.

  • Cloudriven Yet Again One of the Top Performers in Finland

    The biggest financial newspaper in Finland, Kauppalehti has given Cloudriven a certificate for successful business performance for the second year in a row. This recognition is given to a company that understands customers’ needs and has a competent management team, dedicated employees and efficient processes.

  • Sales Director Aleksi Lehtola Joins Cloudriven

    Mr. Aleksi Lehtola, B.Sc in Marketing, Management, and International Business, has been appointed as the Sales Director of Cloudriven on May 11. Aleksi has a strong background in sales and marketing and he has conducted his studies in the University of Oulu and IESEG School of Management in Lille, France.

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Business Solutions for Meaningful Work

Sales and Marketing

Solutions for Sales and Marketing

Time from a lead to a deal is too long and hit rate bad? Use our efficient business solutions to solve the bottlenecks of sales.

Boost Your Sales

Competency Development

Performance Management Reimagined

People drive change. Make sure that you’re heading to the right direction by training and coaching your employees.

Train and Coach Online

Employee Collaboration

Employee Collaboration

Organizations gain better results when employees openly communicate, share and collaborate.

Encourage Collaboration


Our Products and Services

Habit Behavior Engine

Habit Behavior Engine

Gamified behavior management platform for increasing engagement and motivation.

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Virta & Microsoft CRM

Virta CRM

The most efficient and user-friendly CRM solution for sales and marketing.

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Sydän Intranet & Extranet

Sydän Collaboration

Ready-made digital working environment based on Microsoft SharePoint.

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Training and consulting

Training and Consulting

Training and consulting for Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and Office 365.

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  • Solutions for Managing Organizational Behavior

    Change management and coaching company gamified change management.

    Challenge: Trainers’ House wanted to develop an innovative tool to offer better support for their clients’ change management initiatives.

    Solution: Cloudriven developed Pulse in close co-operation with Trainers’ House. Pulse is a gamified coaching tool which makes change transparent, measurable and realtime. Trainers’ House has been able to deepen their relationship with clients and create new business with Pulse.

    IT service provider encouraged all employees to take part in sales.

    Challenge: BLC Protie wanted to get the information about their customers’ business needs from the Service Managers to the sales team.

    Solution: The collection and delivery of sales leads was gamified with Habit Behavior Engine and an encouraging competition was built around the sales process.

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  • Solutions for Managing Collaboration and Documents


    Private equity investor updated their intranet, extranet and document management all at once. 

    Challenge: CapMan wanted to concentrate the management of internal and external documents into one place and in addition boost team work inside the company. There were hundreds of thousands of documents in the old document management system and on different network drives.

    Solution: The integrated user interface of Cloudriven’s Sydän (Heart) solution guarantees that all the users will have a unified user experience regardless of whether the documents in need are located in the corporate intranet or extranet. The teams at CapMan now do a huge amount of their work in the digital workspaces of Sydän.




    Pioneer in the baking industry updated their integrated management system to meet the requirements of their quality system. 

    Challenge: The quality system at VAASAN requires that all the documents in the integrated management system, for example process flowcharts, directives and forms, are always up-to-date. The document management system that was in use had many deficits.

    Solution: Cloudriven defined the needs, planned the concept and did the technical implementation in close collaboration with VAASAN. Ready-made document templates were added to Word, Excel and PowerPoint and Cloudriven also trained and instructed the main users to use the new system.

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    Fill out the form and download all Cloudriven’s customer stories.

  • Solutions for Sales and Marketing

    Vantaan Energia

    One of the biggest urban energy companies in Finland uses CRM to divide their B2B quotes into sales cycles.

    Challenge: The B2B sales management team at Vantaan Energia wanted to have a more comprehensive look on the total values of quotes and sales. This was important because electricity contracts can be negotiated to start even in the distant future.

    Solution: Cloudriven implemented a new feature to Virta which helped the sales people to divide quotes and sales to the coming years. Versatile reporting gives the management the big picture of the market situation easily and fast.


    Expert of communication solutions boosted the management of their B2B sales process and enhanced sales forecasting.

    Challenge: Bell Communications needed an easy to use system for tracking sales activities which would also benefit the sales people themselves. Bell had bad experiences with traditional CRM systems and the user experience they provided.

    Solution: Cloudriven’s Virta (Flow) wraps up all the essential B2B sales management tools into one simple user interface. Bell deployed Virta quickly in just few weeks. Bell’s sales management was able to optimize their B2B sales process and they can now forecast future sales better with the help of Virta.

    Download all the customer cases

    Fill out the form and download all Cloudriven’s customer stories.

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Cloudriven – tools for managing behavior

Employees of Cloudriven


Key Figures

  • Over 50 customer organizations and 13 000 users
  • 1,2 M€ turnover 2013
  • 80 % of shares owned by management
  • Rank in Jukola Relay 2014: 1299. (18:57:16)

Microsoft Partner Competencies

Experience and Understanding of Business

Cloudriven delivers consulting services and gamified software solutions for managing behaviors within organizations. Over 13 000 users and approx. 50 customer organizations use our Microsoft CRM-, SharePoint- and Azure-based solutions daily.

All our key personnel have at least 10 years of experience in designing and developing digital business solutions and they’ve helped numerous customers in hundreds of projects. Our products combine top-notch usability and user experience with understanding of customer’s business needs.

We focus on results and our business is driven by customer satisfaction. Our customers especially appreciate our ability to stay on budget and deliver projects on time. At the moment we serve on a daily basis over 50 organizations and 13 000 users.

We are a certified Microsoft Gold (Application Development) and Silver (Cloud Platform) Partner.

It’s All About People

Efficient business processes are important for the success of a company but even more important are the people who should be acting according to those processes. A huge management challenge is how to connect the people to the business process.

We believe that the best way to tackle this challenge is to find the right tools to motivate, teach and engage customers, employees and partners to create business value. Business strategies are always connected to people’s behaviors and strategy management is also people management. Whatever big changes your company is planning to do, you’ll likely be involved with managing the way people do work and behave.

Company’s ability to manage customers’, employees’ and partners’ behaviors is a management innovation which is difficult for competitors to replicate. In other words, it creates sustainable competitive advantage for your business.

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Be Our Partner

Do you want to stand out from your competitors by offering innovative behavior and collaboration management solutions for you customers?

Partnering with Cloudriven is a great opportunity for you to help your customers make better profit and to grow your own business with us. We’re dedicated to our partners success and we work closely with all our partner companies.

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