The Best of Cloudriven’s 2nd Year of Operation

Cloudriven celebrated its 2nd year anniversary last Wednesday September 3rd. To honor this special occasion, our team chose eight of the most memorable moments from the passing year.

1) We Gamified Our Own Performance Management with Habit

“Seeing in practice how Habit has changed our working culture and the way of work, has been huge”, says Tuomas who has just received five carrot points for helping out a colleague.

We started using Habit in spring to guide our weekly efforts. So far the experiences have been extremely positive: we’ve been able to boost our productivity and make work more meaningful and engaging.

The Strongest in Finland2) We Received Recognition for Successful Business Performance

Hard work pays off. As an indication of our outstanding financial performance, we received the Strongest in Finland badge and were chosen as one of the most successful companies in Finland by Finland’s biggest financial newspaper Kauppalehti. Now that’s something!

3) Our New York Operation Started

Our virtual office in New York opened in August. CMO Janne will be working in NYC until the end of the year to map out potential partners and build the network. When he’s not working, he enjoys good food and tries to understand what’s so great about baseball.

4) Team Cloudriven Survived the Challenging Jukola Relay

“The race was good but rough”, Jukka describes this year’s Jukola Relay. The biggest orienteering competition in the world was held in Vehmersalmi, Kuopio, and the route was full of steep hills and dense woods.

Somehow every member of our team still managed to find all the control points and cross the finish line with dignity. Although our ranking wasn’t as good as last year, we conquered ourselves and improved our team spirit, which is far more important than victory.

Team Cloudriven after the challenging race.

Team Cloudriven after the challenging race.

However, next year we will prevail.

5) We Had Many Laughs Shooting Demo Videos for Habit

During the spring and summer Anu, Janne and Antero had some good time filming demo content for Habit. For our customers’ sake, we’ve kept this bloopers behind closed doors until now.

Unfortunately the videos are available only in Finnish, but you’ll get the idea even if you don’t understand the words.

6) We Migrated Our Environments to the Cloud

After we had migrated our private cloud offering to Azure, Tuomas dragged the old servers to our Espoo office. Finally seeing the old hardware you’ve been using for years and years got all of us a little emotional.

“It was like meeting an online acquaintance for the first time in person. Just to find out that the person looks totally different than what you had expected”, says Antti, who didn’t get lucky on the first date. The rack was just too big for him to handle.

7) Pikkujoulut aka Pre-Christmas Party

The honorary party planning committee decided to organize the Pre-Christmas Party in Huone, which is the world’s first events hotel. Food was great, Antero tried to sing Iron Maiden’s Fear of the Dark in karaoke and at some point we ended up in Lady Moon. That’s about all we can remember.

8) Jukka Strengthened His Reputation as Gamification Guru

Guru-JukkaOur CEO Jukka has been listed as one of the TOP30 gamification gurus in the world and his contribution at the Gamificate lecture series organized by Oulu University and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences’ was greatly appreciated. Jukka’s presentation at the Nordic Digital Summit cemented his place as one of the most respected Finnish thought-leaders in using gamification as a tool to increase employee engagement and productivity.

From now on, we shall refer to him as Guru Jukka.

Bonus Mention

We can’t argue with Napoleon: our army also marches on its stomach. So as a bonus, our team would like to send a special thank you to the people at Voimala for delivering us the best lunch food in the whole world!

Cloudriven’s First Year Was Full of Success

Cloudriven was founded in the beginning of September 2012. We’ve enjoyed a year full of cheerful client meetings, prolific product development, creative ideation and hardworking customer service. To celebrate our birthday we gathered together some of the best successes and moments from our first year of activity.

Jukka's Movember moustache

Jukka and his moustache

3.9.2012 Cloudriven bought the SaaS-business (Sydän and Virta products) from Trainer’s House.

17.9.2012 the company name Cloudriven Ltd was accepted to the Finnish Register of Companies.

22.9.2012 Cloudriven became a Microsoft Gold Partner as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). Later the name of the partner competency was changed to Application Development.

22.10.2012 Anu Nevalainen started as the Head of Customer Services. Since then our customer satisfaction has been excellent.

1.11.2012 Janne Haonperä started as the Marketing and Communications Manager. The amount of customer communication has multiplied since November.

Moving Day Cake

Moving Day Cake

In November Jukka and Janne collected 223 euros for charity with their Movember-moustache.

29.11.2012 Cloudriven’s first ever Customer Advisory Council was organized. Besides the important development matters discussed, we also tasted some good wines.

1.2.2013 we moved our office from the second to the first floor in Niittymäentie. We got more space, our own meeting room and a refrigerator.

In February Cloudriven received a grant from the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes) for the development of the Habit gamification system and the first steps of internationalization.

20.2.2013 Antero Törhönen started as Cloudriven’s Business Director. When a new employee joins our team, we usually raise a toast. This day was no exception.

Our Winning Team

Our winning team

In April a new version of Virta CRM was released which further improved the performance of the system. Even 60 percent improvement in speed was measured in the performance tests.

17.6.2013 we experienced the biggest visitor peak in our website so far when we released news about our success in the Jukola relay.

In August the first Cloudriven Windows Phone application was released. CRM Call Tracker allows you to track phone calls and add memos in CRM with your mobile phone

Of course we’ve also carried out many successful deployments for our customers during the year! Read more about those in our customer references.

When we started the company in the Autumn 2012, we promised that the financial year of 2012 will be profitable and the cash flow positive. Our accountant has confirmed that we’ve kept our promise. Although the figures have not yet been audited, it seems that on H1/2013 the comparable revenue and profit continued to grow. This is a good starting point for this Autumn and next year.